Thursday, July 24, 2014

First post: The grading system and me.

I suppose I should start out with who am I and what the grading system will be.

As you might guess I'll be going by frigid here, I imagine at this point most of the people reading this already know my real name but if you don't... Well you don't really need to know do you?

Anyways, I've been reading since before I can really remember.  Even during the invasion of Iraq, where I served as a Corporal of Marines I was reading (to any old platoon mates who dropped by, welcome and thanks for reading!).  Mostly fantasy and sci-fi, although due to my Father's influence I also read a lot of historical and other nonfiction works.  My grandfather also gave me an introduction to the Westerns, so those will likely show up here from time to time.

 While I've tried my hand at writing, I can't claim any real success in it, partly due to the struggle of getting the scene in my head onto paper.  I'll keep at it however and might even post some stuff here. I mean if I'm going to throw criticism at other writers, it seems fair to throw my work out and let others take potshots at it.  Lately due to life, the universe and what not, I've found I have a stack of books I needed to get through... Not all of them were good.  Some were outright awful and on some web forums I go to, I started writing about them.

I mentioned this to my sister and she suggested I gather them all on a blog.  I chewed on this for a bit and decided it was a good idea.  So here we are.  Little sister (if I'm not naming me, I'm not naming her) if you're reading this.  Thank you and remember that everything you read here is partly your fault.

Anywho!  Let's move on to the grading system.  I decided that unlike most critics I've seen, I would not use a number system. I would use letters.  Why?  Because why not?  Let me show you the grading system.

A+ = There is nothing wrong with this book. It is perfectly paced, all the characters are note perfect, the plot is amazing. This is the book that Jesus, Buddha and the Monkey King would write if they got together to write books for us lowly unworthy mortals. Someday I will find this book and then I can rest.

A = Great book, the best of the best that mere mortals can hope to do. This is a book you will remember reading for the rest of life because of how awesome it was. Finding these books is a good day.

A- = Great but flawed. Books being the products of human beings are going to fall short, this is a book that while amazing, didn't have it to become one of those rare masterpieces.

B+ = Really entertaining and good, but with issues. Not quiet great but really good!

B = Really good book, I wish this was the standard. Oh God, I wish this was the standard.

B- = Better then average, but something held you back, maybe the pacing was screwed or something fell flat, regardless you're still head and shoulder above everyone else

C+ = Above average. This is a book that has nothing to be ashamed of but failed to really burst out ahead of the pack.

C = Average. Run of the mill, mediocre even.  Not bad but nothing to write home about.

C- = A good effort but a number of fuck ups hold it back. I should note I'm going to get more vulgar from here.

D+ = Please attend a writing class. No don't keep practicing, get to a writing class, you need help. Still you could be worse!

D = Substandard. Weep for the trees that sacrificed their pulp in the vain hopes of being part of a good book and were instead made into this. I will drink to forget this book.


F = NEVER WRITE AGAIN! This book has no redeeming value and the writer has done everything wrong. There is no F+ or F-. Once you get past D- you're just an awful human being.

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